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As part of our empowering women initiative, Swayamsiddha Foundation in Mumbai proudly introduces Food Station—a platform dedicated to creating employment opportunities for talented women while treating the public to delightful homemade meals. We’re on the lookout for skilled women who can craft fresh and delicious dishes from the comfort of their homes. Join us in this culinary journey, where your passion for cooking becomes a pathway to empowerment and culinary excellence. Together, let’s bring the joy of homemade goodness to every table!

Exclusively for women, become a vendor on The Food Station and embark on a journey of empowerment through culinary excellence.

  1. You will be provided with Online Platform to sell your food products.
  2. You will be provided with an unique link of your shop where your details and products will be displayed. You can use this link as your mini website to showcase all your products on one page.
  3. You will be provided with a Profile Page as a HomeChef where your photograph and details will be displayed.
  4. The logo of your business will be displayed on our Portal with link to your online store.
  5. Your story will get featured prominently in our portal and our social networks.
  6. You will get connected with other businesswomen in food products, you can connect and network with them.
  • This initiative is meant to provide marketing platform for Women Entrepreneurs who are engaged in food business, this portal is intended to provide them with marketing space to sell their products. 
  • Onboarding Member will have to sign Vendor Agreement and complete KYC process.
  • They will have to accept the rules and regulations of The Food Station.
  • They will be responsible for products uploaded on the portal, if the product is unavailable, they will have to declare it out of stock. The seller will be held responsible if any customer orders the product that is out of stock.
  • On receipt of order, if the vendor is unable to deliver, fine will be charged from the Vendor.
  • Vendors can cross sell-products of other vendors among their network.
  • The Vendor will have to bear and deal with the refund / return charges / grievances.  In case of any buyer-seller disputes, sellers take the lead in issuing refunds, ensuring a fair and transparent process.
  • 3 complaints against the Vendor will result in de-activation of account and/or product of the vendor for 3 months.
  • Home Chefs must have FSSAI license
  • Home Chefs must have done proper packaging, branding and have must follow all food safety and hygiene norms.
  • We value transparency. While we reserve the right to approve, upload, or reject a product, our decisions are made with the best interests of all parties in mind.
  • One time Onboarding Charge : Rs.1,999/- for Members of Swayamsiddha (those already onboarded as HomChefs and have branded products will be automatically enabled without any charges), other members of Swayamsiddha will have to pay Rs.1,999/-. 
  • Should be member of Swayamsiddha Foundation for atleast six months. To know more about our Membership Programme click here.
  • Non Members will have to pay Rs.3,000/. The charges would be towards initial documentation, onboarding process, training, product uploading charges etc.
  • Other Charges : Your success is ours. A modest 15% charge on the sale of your delectable offerings will be charged to cover website maintenance, technical expenses, and payment gateway fees. We ensure swift remittance of your earnings within 48 hours post-delivery, deducting only the mentioned charges.
Q 1 What is The Food Station. 
The Food Station is a marketing platform for women entrepreneurs working in micro level to sell their food products through our Portal. This is a women empowerment initiative of Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by the name Swayamsiddha Udyog LLP is formed for the purpose. 
Q2 What is Swayamsiddha Foundation. 
Swayamsiddha Foundation is a non-governmental organization working for women empowerment since 2006.  Headquartered at Mumbai, the organization takes initiatives in women empowerment through activities such as training, hand-holding support, business guidance, assistance to self-help group etc. 
Q3 Who can join The Food Station (TFS) 
Any Women Entrepreneur engaged in Food Business can join The Food Station, provided, 
i) She has proper Food Licence from FSSAI 
ii) She has done proper branding, packaging, labelling of her product. We do so to ensure a level of professionalism amongst our homechefs and to avoid non-serious members getting onboarded. 
Q4 What kind of Food Products can be sold through The Food Station
Food products such as Spices, Masala, Sweets, Squashes, Jams, Jellies, Chocolates, Readymix and other similar food products having a bit longer shelf life can be sold through The Food Station. A suggestive list of products is available here
Q5 What kind of documents will be required. 
1) For KYC of the member – Photograph, Aadhaar Card 
2) Udyam Registration Certificate (Not Mandatory) 
3) Valid FSSAI licence – Mandatory 
4) Other certifications such as ISO etc welcomed. 
Q6 What are the charges for onboarding as HomeChef. 
We charge one-time, non-refundable onboarding charge of Rs.1,999/- from Members of Swayamsiddha Foundation. Non Members have to pay Rs.3,000/- towards onboarding, the charges includes initial documentation, onboarding process, training, product uploading charges etc. 
Q7 Are any other charges deducted, any hidden charges ? 
Your success is ours. A modest 15% charge on the sale of your delectable offerings will be charged to cover website maintenance, technical expenses, and payment gateway fees. We ensure swift remittance of your earnings within 48 hours post-delivery, deducting only the mentioned charges. 
Q8 What when we get order ? 
The customer visits our website / app and orders for product, he makes payment of product, the Food Station Team contacts respective Seller and passes on the order. The Seller executes the order and uploads the despatch / courier receipt for confirmation. After receipt of product the payment is released after deduction of necessary admin charges of 15% of the sale value. 
Q9 What about delivery ? 
You will have to use your own system of delivery for delivering the product, it is advised to add the approximate average delivery charges while uploading the product. Seller cannot claim additional delivery charges from the customer on receipt of order. If such charges are levied to the customer, it will result in violation of rules and immediate removal of such errant seller. 
Q10 Are there any Fine ? 
The Seller should ensure that only products currently available with them are seen on the website of The Food Station, they should ask the TFS team to de-activate the products that are out of stock. If a customer orders the out-of-stock products the seller will be charged with a fine. 
Q11 What in case of any rejection / complaint ? 
The team of The Food Station will check the facts and if found that the Seller is not at fault, no action will be initiated, however, if it is discovered that there was deficiency in service on the part of the vendor, action including fine will be initiated, in serious cases, the products / account of the Seller would be de-activated. 
Q12 What all services are available for Sellers of The Food Station. 
The following services will be provided on the Portal. 
1) Listing of products of Sellers for Sale. 
2) Independent Seller Shop page, where details of the Seller and all products of the Sellers would be listed. 
3) HomeChef page where the details of onboarded HomeChefs with their photograph, store details, store link would be provided. 
4) Sellers can provide Special Discount Coupon codes etc for their products. 
5) As more than one Seller would be available on the portal, Seller can engage in cross-selling of products after negotiating with the particular Seller. 
6) Seller of the Month Competition to promote healthy competition amongst Sellers. 
7) Training 
8) Dedicated Sellers Whatsapp Group
9) Technical Support and Hand-Holding Support.  
10) Information about Government Exhibitions for free participation
Q13 How will the products be marketed. 
With Joint Efforts of The Food Station & concerned Sellers. Swayamsiddha will advertise the products on its network of members and Social Media. It will provide creatives to the Sellers for advertising their products as well. 
Q14 I am interested, how to get on-boarded as a HomeChef
Submit the form available in the next tab of this page, we will process the application form, if you are found eligible, we will contact you over phone / email to complete the onboarding process. 
Q15 What is the onboarding process like. 
a) You will need to first submit the Interest Express Form available in the next tab of this page. 
b) Our team will make a preliminary inquiry call to know more about you & your business. c) You will be provided with link to complete KYC process 
d) Post KYC process, you will have to pay the onboarding fee. 
e) After payment of fee, you will be added to relevant whatsapp seller group and provided with training. 
f) You will be provided with a link to upload your product on our portal. 
Q16 I have more questions, whom should i reach out to. 
Call us at 8222828728 or email us at  
  1. Submit the Enrollment Form available on the next tab.
  2. If your application is accepted, our team will provide you with the Online KYC and Agreement form to fill.
  3. You will pay needful charges after acceptance of your KYC and Agreement Form.
  4. You will be onboarded on our Portal as HomeChef.
  5. You will be provided with Online Training and login details on uploading products.
  6. You will now be able to upload your products for selling on our Portal.

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(C) The Food Station
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